December 2018


Technological Developments in Filmmaking

Technology has intervened almost all aspects of life and brought quite drastic changes to the elements. One of the fields profoundly affected by the presence of the developments is the movie industry. Indeed, technological developments have been an integral part of the process of movie-making as it highlights the importance of electrical devices to enjoy the experience. In short, movies have been one of the core subjects of the current development that focuses on progressive techniques.

a movie scene

Apart from the above explanation, film-making techniques have also been the subject of changes and progressive thinking, resulting in many new details to add to the movies produced. Computer-generated images, for example, has been many movie producers biggest helper since it brings reality straight to the screen. With presenting real imageries being the main concern of the people in the industry, more and more sophisticated techniques are being developed to achieve the goals.

Glasses-Free 3D Technology

a person shooting videoThe introduction of 3D films was a big hit in the 2000s. No wonder many cinemas and production houses adopt the techniques to create stunning images for the audiences. However, the opinion gradually changes when the regular enthusiasts have been complaining about the same old tricks that they watch in all 3D films. The words spread fast and catch mass attention. For this reason, companies are working hard to create the newest version of the 3D movies without the presence of 3D glasses.

Film producers enthusiastically grasp the idea and look forward to using the newest techniques in their films. Unfortunately, the new version is currently still being developed, and those enthusiasts might need to wait for another year to enjoy the technology. Surprisingly, successful film producers are willing to wait to produce sequels of their previously successful movies.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The primary purpose of developing new techniques is to make the audiences part of the story projected on the screen instead of merely being passive participants. Another fantastic tool to achieve the goal is virtual and augmented reality which is famous for its ability to engage the viewers. The same with glasses-free 3D films, directors are already excited to use the techniques to improve the value of the movie produced. It will surely increase sales and attract the public’s attention easily as people have been in love with this kind of entertainment.…