4 Ways That Could See You Reduce The Amount Of Cell Phone Radiations Into Your Body

cell phone with case

As an avid cell phone user, you might be concerned about the radio frequency (RF) emissions released by your phone. All mobile use these emissions to communicate to each other. The only difference is the magnitude of these radiations. Whenever you are calling or receiving a call, there is a good chance that your body will absorb these emissions. If you are concerned about the possible health risks brought about by these radiations, you should be thinking about how you can reduce these emissions.

Ways to reduce cell phone radiations

Avoid body contactusing cell phone

Most manufactures advice against having your cell phone close to your body for extended periods. As such, you should avoid caring your cell phone on your pocket or in the bra. At the very least, you should ensure there is always a 10mm gap between your body and the cell phone.

Text more

Another way of reducing the amount of radiation you will be exposed to is by texting more. Ideally, this is meant to discourage making long calls, which increased the amounts of emissions you are exposed to. The other good thing about texting often is that it creates a larger distance between your cell phone and the body. This distance is seen as a buffer between high concentrations close to the mobile phone and your body.

Make shorter calls’

woman on callAnother way of reducing exposure to radiations is by limiting the length of phone conversations. Less talk time technically means that the amounts of radiations passing through the skull will be reduced. Instead of using a smartphone for long conversations, it is advisable to use corded land line phones instead. Concerning the usage, it is also wise to avoid making calls when the signal is weak. Weak signals force mobile to increase its transmitting power, which results in increased radiations.

Use radiation blocking cases

Besides trying to limit your exposure to these radiations by natural methods, using anti-radiation cell phone cases is highly recommended. With technological advancements, most case manufacturers have come with special anti-radiation. A good example is the SafeSleeve case that has been to reduce the amounts of radiation into your body by up to 99%. It is a lightweight and convenient rfid case capable of shielding harmful radiations from your cell phone. If you are worried about the aesthetics of the case, they came in a variety of designs and colors.